A lot of phone registrations!

I’ve been having a lot of phone registrations on the site lately.  I am not familiar with this style of registration so I implemented a verification scheme into the mix.  After registration, you will have to respond to an e-mail before registration is complete.

I keep this website because it’s inexpensive to maintain.

NOTE: I currently have not played WGT in quite some time.  I maintain this site because it’s inexpensive.  It is also a great way for me to test items for other sites I build.  There are a lot of great articles, especially for beginners.  Most of your good players on WGT already have ways of playing the game that differs from the way I play. 

The Drop Zone Country Club at WGT I had given ownership to my girlfriend.  We are no longer together and her account has been suspended on WGT.  I have no way of getting the current Drop Zone Country Club on WGT back.  If I was actively playing I would just create a new country club but as I said, I don’t really play any longer.

This site is a great place of information, and I will happily add a social atmosphere here for all to enjoy and communicate.  I allow open membership, so if you would like for me to include a social setting set up with:  ProfileGrid then send a message to Syxguns.  Most people do not read this far but if I get a minimum of 10 requests then I will make it happen.  The great aspect of ProfileGrid is that you will have PM, Personal Blogs, and much more.

Thank you for your interest in Drop Zone Country Club. We are a friendly and active community that plays in a ladder league called MyLeague. You do not have to be a member of our country club to play in our tournaments for fun. You must however be a member of Drop Zone to receive prizes for tournaments played on MyLeague.

NOTE: MyLeague account is not active for no participation.

Join Drop Zone MyLeague

Drop Zone Country Club has many features that not all clubs have on WGT.  First on WGT we host weekly 18 hole handicap tournaments. This is a great advantage to lower tier ranks to match up against members at a higher tier. We play match play tournaments, alternate shot tournaments, as well as stroke play tournaments. We have special tournaments where different rules are given to the players that must be followed. The special tournament are a lot of fun, and the use of TeamSpeak is fantastic.

NOTE: Teamspeak is no longer active, little participation.

TeamSpeak Information

TeamSpeak is a great tool the club uses to chat with each other while we play, but we do not require that you use TeamSpeak, we know that many may not have the ability or the desire to be in an open chat while playing the game. Members of our website will have access to a basic chat box where the tournament director will type who is playing as well as any details that you need to know for the game. After the game is complete you may simply type the winners name in the chat box for the tournament director to update the standings.

Thanks again for the interest in Drop Zone Country Club!

“Pull the Rip Cord!”