These course notes were provided by WGT user Kilbraur.  Select her name and thank her on the profile page.

These notes are for my clubs and balls. English not my first language I have use Google Translate and check by friend who speak English. If you not agree with some things here that is ok, you play your way, I play my way. Good luck, Kilbraur.

Par 3 Tips

Par 3s easiest holes for birdies if you make charts. Let us consider St. Andrews holes 7 (par4) and 8 (par 3) Your second shot to the 7th hole has 3 changing variables, wind direction, wind speed and angle to pin. Every time you play the hole those 3 variables will be different.

Now the 8th is a par 3 and your shot to the hole only has 2 changing variables. Wind speed and wind direction. The third variable never changes because the tee position is the same every time you play.

This apply to every par 3 hole you play. Use this to you advantage.

I make chart on spreadsheet for every par 3 and for St. Andrews 8 (front pin) it look like this.

17 wind pointing to 12 o’ clock = 7 iron 50% backspin aim 4 feet left

16 wind pointing to 5.30 o’clock = 5 iron 50% backspin aim 12 feet left

15 wind pointing to 8 o’ clock = 5 iron 50% backspin 36 feet right

I not print all here but I have about 30 of these for each par 3 hole.

You look to videos on mine profile there 6 hole in ones and I do another 12 in ALT shot games and some in practice. It possible because I make notes and make chart.

Here are one more small tip. You has learn that uphill putts more easy than down. Think of hole as clock, 12 is top, 6 is bottom, 3 right, 9 left. For the par 3 hole learn which piece of clock leaves you the easy uphill putt. I use chart and if any doubt I play to that piece of the clock that gives the easy putt.

If you keep chart like mine you sure to be always a tap in putt for birdies on every par 3. You have remember that this is for clubs and balls I is use and from the tour legend tees. You start this day make notes for par 3 on you favourite course.

STOP! wait, I is hear you say that take long time. I say no it not. Look one more time to my first example, 17 wind pointing to 12’o clock = 7 iron 50% backspins 4 feet left. You can just do the sum in your head now for 15/16/18/19/20 wind. You only need a few practice holes with the Mulligans and you make the notes. Now you is get the birdie each time, every time. Other players now they are say you is cheating because you so good but you is know it just practice and take notes!

PS I remember another tip as I talk about St.Andrews 8 hole. From Legend tee hold pointer on hole and look from tee at the blue aiming arc. Do you see it are not straight it go to right. This mean if you have wind blow to 1 o’clock it are really blowing to nearly 2 o’clock. You must take this to account when estimating wind. St Andrews 1st hole always catch out hacks and amateurs and they play into water because if they look at aiming arc from tee it go to right and they not adjust left.