I’m writing this simple little guide to help improve performance of your game play. Quite often with too many settings turned on, or settings you do not care to see or want to have visible it can slow down the performance (speed) of the game which leads to that dreadful meter jumping.

I am running a 3.5 GHz quad core processor with 8 GB of memory, which was great when I built it 4 years ago, but even with this speed and that much memory I still have meter jumps or glitches.

A couple of things to do to help with this is to clear your cookies, and your history before you start playing. Another thing you can do is when you are dragging the mouse up to hit you might notice a slight delay. This means that the meter will have a glitch or jump on the way down. Let the first one go, taking a practice swing. Normally the second attempt is nice and smooth.

Now for your settings. Before you start a game select Menu > Game Settings to bring up the display. If you are in a game you may select Menu > Options to bring up the same display.


You may read about each one if you hover your mouse over the item. I set my options like the following pictures to increase game play performance.

Setting Options


You may select to mute the game if you do not like any sound while playing.  I personally like hearing the club audio while I play, but I turn it down.  I don’t like music, ambient, or environmental sounds either.  Especially when the wind is just whistling through the speakers drives me crazy.  I always leave Invitation Alerts, but I got tired of the hand clapping celebration sounds.  However, the choice is yours.  Sounds do not have anything to do with game performance; this is just the way I set it up.

Update:  They have now added a new category called “Game Commentary” to the Audio section.  You will have to scroll down to see it.  I personally don’t need to hear it, so I turn that off as well.

Audio Settings


AVATAR ANGLES: Avatar rotations are displayed when aiming in a direction other than straight ahead.  Changing this option has no affect on your ability to aim your shot.  If you are using a slower internet connection, you might consider setting this option to OFF in order to decrease your load times.

I’ve turned it on before and the angle that is show is so slight that it’s not needed.  Other players will not see your avatar angle adjust at all.  It’s kind of a pointless feature that eats up performance of the game.  Leave this turned off.


BACKGROUND LOADING: Is used to reduce loading delays by loading up assets for future holes while you are playing the current one.  Setting this option to OFF will increase the delay on the scorecard screen while the next hole loads.  However, players with lower end computers or slower internet connections may benefit from a smoother swing meter and ball flight.

This feature is great to have turned on.  It increases the speed of the game instead of waiting extra time between holes.  If you have issues with this turned on, it’s easy to turn off by going to the Menu > Options during the game.


DISPLAY SWING CIRCLE:  Will allow you to toggle On/Off the in-game Swing Circle to display where to click to start the swing.

Not needed you may swing from the meter scale.  Some people may like it, but I don’t like the circle on the left of the screen.


DISPLAY PUTTING POWER: Will allow you toggle On/Off the in-game putting power recommendation.

This is pretty pointless, although many people use it.  Basically there is a little blue bar on the putting scale that shows you what they recommend.  This is wrong most of the time.  Familiarize yourself with the basic putting formula bellow.

  • Very Slow 6.9 = +4
  • Slow 7.4 = +2
  • Standard 7.9 = +/- 0
  • Fast 9 = -1
  • Very Fast 10 = -2
  • Tournament 12 = -4
  • Championship 13 = -5

This of course also means practicing.  Close putts I normally add a couple of feet to, and putts outside of 30 feet I tend to take a couple away.  See what works for you, the scale above is just something to help you out.  I use it as a two putt theory.  My first putt I try to make, but if I miss I want the ball within a foot or two from the hole to give me the second putt.

Advamced Settings

I hope using these settings will improve your game play!

Update:  There is now a video I created if you care to watch it in the video section.

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