We all know that practice is good and there are several reasons to do it.

  • You may want to familiarize yourself with new equipment
  • You may want to see how a particular ball that you purchased plays
  • You may be trying out a new stoke type
  • You may be trying to learn the course and not increase your average
  • You may have a certain hole that drives you crazy

The last one is the purpose  of this article.  We all know how to set up a game and set it to practice mode instead of ranked, but what if you just have one hole on the course that drives you crazy.  You don’t need to play all of the holes leading up to that one to practice it.

Remember that when you play this way you will be set on easy tee box, so if you are working on your approach shot be sure to drive to the same area where you normally hit from if you are a higher level player.

On WGT page you will see “WGT COMMUNITY” and under that you will find a link to “GOLF COURSES”.

Golf Courses

From this new page you may select the course that you want and all of the holes on the course will be listed.  Select the one hole you want to practice and then play it.  After you play the hole you will be given the option to play again.  This is also great if you are just trying to play for bonus points but do not have time to play an entire round.  Your points will not be as high but you will keep your consecutive days going by playing just one hole.

Hope you found this helpful!