This site is currently not engaged in any tournaments.  The site also has a limited amount of visitors, but I have written a lot of great articles about WGT that I wish to share with you. 

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18 Hole Tour

This tour involves playing an 18 hole round each week with another member of the Drop Zone Country Club.  This game is played as a stroke-play round and each player must submit the other player’s score.  Please note that you may not submit your own score, your opponent must submit your score.

Points are distributed weekly after all scores are submitted.  Each new round begins on Wednesday and your scores must be submitted by the following Tuesday.

You may play the round again with another member to submit their score, but only your first score that was submitted will count for that week.

The page has been removed

MyLeague Tour

The rounds played on MyLeague are a combination of Match Play, Alternate Shot, as well as Stroke Play.  Occasionally we will throw in a twist for fun and make you play with standard clubs or standard balls.  We may even call it a ladies’ day tournament and you have to select a ladies’ avatar.  It’s just a lot of fun, and a great way to play with other members of the club.

The page has been removed

Ryder Style Tour

Using a play format similar to the Ryder’s Cup we will have a lot of fun.  The way it works is that we will have a Playoff Round as 2 different 9 hole games on the WGT Drop Zone CC Tournament page.  The players will be selected from there, so not all members will be able to play.

Because I can’t really do Europe vs. USA the top two winners in the playoff round will be designated as team captains.  The first-place team captain will have the first choice in selecting his players for his team.

Both team captains will then decide who plays who for the following matches.  First will be Match Play, followed by Alternate Shot, and ending with Stroke Play.

2 points will be awarded for every win.  If the game is in Match play and you tie on the last hole then each team will receive 1 point.  Because we can not have a tie at the end of the Ryder Style then a one hole closest to the hole will decide the victor…..

The page has been removed