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As a website developer and site owner of this site, my plan is to keep this site available for everyone.  If you have a desire in creating or having a website created please contact me. I provide instruction as well as website creation services.    You may contact me here through a private message, or send an email to: [email protected]
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A group for all our members. Feel free to make friends with others, and create some matches.
A group for all our members. Feel free to make friends with others, and create some matches.
Not the droids your looking for!
10 months ago no Comment

The vision for this site has changed over the last 4 years. I have a lot of great articles that will assist both PC and Mobile players. Originally it was for one Country Club, but I decided to expand it to be useful for anyone. First, allow me to give you an overview of the […]

5 years ago no Comment

Mapping clubs and balls is not difficult to do, but it is vital that you learn the skill to improve you scoring on WGT.  First start a practice round, you need to be able to take mulligans.  Remember that every type of shot needs to be measured with each and every club.  How far will […]

WGT and the Mini Map!!
5 years ago no Comment

Oh the many great wonders of learning something and then putting it to use.  One of the two things I would like to mention is the mini map on WGT.  The other thing I was already aware of, but a combination of the use of both makes dealing with wind so much easier. First thing […]

6 Big Game Changers
5 years ago no Comment

With the permission of Kilbraur, a Champion on WGT, I wanted to share some more great information that she has to share.  Be sure to thank her on her wall for all the time she took to provide us with this fantastic information. [themify_button style=”large rounded light-blue rounded embossed” link=”” text=”black” target=”_blank” ]Kilbraur Wall[/themify_button] These […]

Basic Formulas for all shots on WGT
5 years ago no Comment

UPDATED: 9-1-16 There have been many changes on WGT lately and with all of the upper tier brackets players I play against daily, they share in the same misgivings that I have.  Even using correct mathematical equations for shots, sometimes the are long and sometimes they are short.  Wind that doesn’t have an effect on […]

New to WGT?
5 years ago 2 Comments

By: CBremodel66 When you first begin playing WGT there are a lot of questions that you will have and although most of my articles will help you will find that clubs and balls make a major improvement in your game.  CBremodel66 in fact learned this the hard way.  If you are a Facebook user STOP […]

Course Notes: Bethpage Black #2
5 years ago 1 Comment

Course Notes: Bethpage Black By: Syxguns   In conclusion you can see that the back 9 is a bit more challenging than the front 9. The course is a ton of fun to play, and with a little practice you may make this your favorite course. To each his own, but this is the basics […]

Practice on WGT
5 years ago no Comment

We all know that practice is good and there are several reasons to do it. You may want to familiarize yourself with new equipment You may want to see how a particular ball that you purchased plays You may be trying out a new stoke type You may be trying to learn the course and […]

WGT Tier Progression
5 years ago no Comment

WGT – Tiers When you have played at least 5 ranked rounds – and your average score is equal to or lower than 100 you go from Hack to Amateur. When you have played at least 10  ranked rounds – and your average score is equal to or lower than 80 you go from Amateur […]

Course Notes: Kiawah Island: The Ocean Course
5 years ago no Comment

These course notes were provided by WGT user Kilbraur.  Select her name and thank her on the profile page. These notes are for my clubs and balls. English not my first language I have use Google Translate and check by friend who speak English. If you not agree with some things here that is ok, […]

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