MyLeague Tour

MyLeague is for both fun and a great way for Drop Zone to play against other members of the club.  You are not required to be a member of MyLeague to play, just register at the link provided.

Drop Zone MyLeague

We have TeamSpeak available for free so you may communicate with us.

All Rules and settings are e-mailed to all members of Drop Zone MyLeague as soon as tournament begins.

MyLeague Stats

MyLeague Win Stats

Currently the MyLeague Win stats is not really being used.  Eventually it will be used in capacity of quarters.  For 3 months the MyLeague will calculate the total wins and first and second place will win a prize and move to the finals.  The same winners will not be selected twice so after the next quarter 2 additional winners will be selected.  At the end of they last quarter there will be a playoff between the 8 winners in a double elimination tournament.

Details are still sketchy on when this will begin and on what prizes there will be.  I will update this as I have more time to deal with this being fair for all members of the club.  Check back soon to stay updated on this.