The vision for this site has changed over the last 4 years. I have a lot of great articles that will assist both PC and Mobile players. Originally it was for one Country Club, but I decided to expand it to be useful for anyone.

First, allow me to give you an overview of the site. Here is the menu on the site, now don’t fret, this is the menu of a Member.

Let’s start with the first item that everyone sees. The Groups page is a list of all groups created for the site.

Now you may be in multiple groups. For example, everyone will always be in the group, “Site Members”. This is where your imagination can fly. Now I’m not 100% sure how the mobile game works, as I do not like such a small image when playing the game. Mobile players can not play with PC players but I’m not sure if a mobile player creates a list of friends as we do on the PC platform.

However, that being said, a member may create a group for mobile players, or maybe for a Country Club within WGT. You may create a group for casual players, or a group for Tour Legends and up. You get the idea, it’s endless.

If your wife is a member of a book club and wants a private place for them to discuss items online, they may do it here. You will see why soon. Keep reading.

Under Members is located My Profile.

First, you will notice the background image and the avatar. By selecting them you have the option to change them to what you would like them to be. Both the width and height of the image will display so you want to keep those proportions. Because the avatar is round, be sure to have adequate space around the edges for it to display nicely.

The background image gives this information, “For best visibility choose a landscape aspect ratio image with a size of 1516 x 300 pixels”.

The avatar image I used is 150px x 150px and the original image is below for you to see the space around for a round display.

List of the tabs:
About: The About tab is pretty much what is says. Most likely yours will be empty at first. It is up to you to populate the, “About” section. Just select the “Edit Profile” and you may add information to it. If there are additional areas you wish me to add, just send me a PM about the subject.

Groups: A list of the groups you are a member of.

Blog: Create a new blog post. Your blog post gives you the ability of how you would like it displayed. This includes hidden to everyone except you.

Messages: This is a list of messages that you send and receive from other members of the site.

Notifications: This will notify you of things from blogs created to private messages.

Friends: This will show you a list of your current friends, your total of friend requests, and the total request sent.

Settings: Only visible to you. You may not change your Username or Email address, but you have access to add or remove your first and last name.

Instagram: I may remove this area as I was not able to connect the Instagram feature from ProfileGrid. Currently, I am using another plugin for this, but it only displays my Instagram feed, which I have no images.

Photos: Gives you the option to create albums and upload images.

I have the option to create more tabs that work with other plugins. I have not had the opportunity to explore it fully as of yet. If you have suggestions for this please send me a PM and I will look into it.