Training Video’s

Tekoma's Putting Techniques Vol. 1

I have found it best to practice one or two techniques at a time. You may find yourself watching this video many times to improve your putting on WGT. Watching these video’s has improved my game and my stats, I hope it will work for you as well.

Takoma's Putting Techniqes Volume 2

This video shows a few more techniques as well as goes into a little more detail on a couple from the first video.
A quick little video on how I set up before I play WGT. I wrote an article called, “Improve Game Performance” on the steps that didn’t include the commentary.

Using Standard Equipment on WGT

With a few practice rounds and getting the formulas for each type of shot down, you could have a nice round with standard clubs and ball. I gave it a try in this video.

Hide the Orange Chat Button on WGT

A perfect way to hide the orange chat button if you are in a tournament, or have an annoying player trying to distract you on your shots.

Just for fun!!

The following video’s are placed here just to give us a good laugh!  Feel free to let me know if you find or make a video for me to post here.

Great Commercial!


UFO's on WGT!!

Leave it to WGT to make a perfect shot not so perfect!!

Some Great Shots on WGT

Create a video and let me know, I’ll be happy to post it.

Some of my best shots on WGT
My second video of great shots on WGT!